As Chief Communications Officer for Quiznos, Ellen initiated the USA Pro Challenge international bike race by forging extensive public and private partnerships. In 2013, as CMO for Portico Club, a Steve Case startup in the Revolution brand portfolio, Ellen tripled qualified leads, launched significant new partnerships and led consumer insights for strategic change.

A graduate of Duke University, Ellen began her career at an advertising agency in Washington, DC before joining USA Today’s growth team. Ellen’s most unique ski day was in Dubai in 2013.

Whether you need Datox® or a critical Market Sift® to drive strategic decisions, we exist to guide your business ahead of the rest. And, when it’s not about data (hint: it’s ALWAYS about data), Funnelcake will coach you through the transformation you've always envisioned.

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For both startups and established companies, Funnelcake provides multi-stage guidance for the consumer experience with your brand, including execution and advisory services
at a necessarily entrepreneurial pace.

Sam and Ellen have worked together for over 25 years, pioneering the use of available data in the customer funnel across multiple industries, long before it was cool to say “BIG DATA.” Now we ensure that it works for your specific growth needs…in partnership with you and your marketing operation.




Samuel Cardonsky is a 40+ year senior strategic data and digital management executive with key leadership and consulting experience from the largest Advertising holding company to multiple start-ups.

As a well-known leader/mentor in using data in a creative environment, Sam’s goal is to discard buzzwords and concentrate on happy active customers for the client. Sam is a thoughtful, deliberative listener with an intense focus on deconstructing, demystifying, and simplifying “big data” for the contemporary professional.

As SVP of Data Strategy for the WPP Data Alliance, Sam worked across all WPP agencies to help them understand, use, and evaluate internal and external data sources to drive digital and non-digital results.  In 2014, he originated, championed and executed the Facebook/WPP agreement that directly linked WPP data for audience creation to Facebook inventory.  

While a Principal with I-Behavior and SVP, Corporate Development, Sam collaboratively created a significant data business from a skunkworks project for sale in 2006 and 2009 to Akamai and WPP respectively for over $200 million. He was also instrumental in starting Acerno, the first digital co-op.  

Sam came to I-Behavior from DoubleClick, Inc. where he launched new media, and Infobase/Acxiom where he oversaw the development of the first large databases for top publishers, including Time, Inc. and Condé Nast. 

Ellen Kramer  has held key leadership and CMO roles for nearly 30 years in startup, middle market and high-profile corporations. Ellen brings a wealth of strategic marketing experience across multiple industries, including data, retail, media, franchise, food service and travel.

With an intense focus on growth goals and customer value, Ellen offers expertise in: Strategic Planning, Database Marketing/CRM, Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation, Loyalty, Brand Development, Digital/Social, Corporate Communications, and Consumer Insights. 

She is a high energy, results-focused business leader with a down-to-earth style and a track record of providing vision, mentoring and leadership to drive profitable growth for companies such as AOL, Quiznos, Blockbuster/Dish, Time Life and USA Today, as well as running her own consulting business to help mid-market companies grow customer value and market presence through data.

Ellen achieved significant marketplace impact as Vice President of Marketing and led AOL’s phenomenal growth from 1994-2004, increasing net domestic membership by over 19 million and delivering $3B+ in annual net revenue. These efforts included pioneering database development and modeling, new market and partnership development, alternative media and international joint ventures in South America, Europe and Asia. 


Funnelcake is a marketing consultancy that promises sweetened customer value and performance throughout the purchase funnel. From brand awareness to customer acquisition to product advocacy, we are data-focused marketing leaders who specialize in the discovery, creation and action of relevant data that optimize revenue. For integrated data strategies that drive results, call Funnelcake.





A graduate in English of California State University, Sam began his career in the circulation department of the Harvard Business Review in 1972 and eventually held the title of Founder/Publisher at Art and Auction Magazine.

After those initial publishing years, Sam took five and lived the foodie dream of launching a successful restaurant: Mary Dugan's Dependable Home Cooking.