Credit Card Company  

Developed and launched a product and brand foundation to monetize data in the adtech landscape on behalf of major financial institution to the benefit of their merchant-partners.


Seek opportunities for 
culling and sharing data 
across partnerships, 
​vendors and industries; plug into specific layers of the purchase funnel, develop collection and connection points, CRM, digital strategies and new opportunities for revenue/feedback loops.


You are courageous enough to accomplish nearly everything you set out to do... except for the ONE THING that continues to elude you. For high-achievers and rising stars, Coachellen is a way to get your voice heard and impact felt. You might need a little help discovering that in

What's in it for you?

Funnelcake is a marketing consultancy that promises sweetened customer value throughout the purchase funnel, from brand awareness to ambassadorship. We pinpoint key growth opportunities and develop data strategies to achieve revenue potential and optimal customer value. We study and create intelligence inside and outside your business to understand, influence and stimulate customer behavior toward purchase and repeat-purchase. Funnelcake moves at start-up speed to get to the heart of your value to your customers, their individual contribution to your business and what the opportunities are for shared benefit between you and your customers.

Food Service 

In-restaurant survey data wasn't enough to inform a direct marketing process. Funnelcake accessed social listening and regional profiles to find lookalike repeat customers.

Example Engagements

Data Company 

Introduced an acquisition to this unique player in the accurate-connected data space. Enumerated the value of demonstrable, repeatable accomplishments, new markets & core competencies for optimal financial gain.


Facilitated proprietary brand strategy process to define brand category, overarching reason-for-being, key messages and definitive brand promise.


Complete evaluation of available internal and external data, sorting through relevance, propping up testing, model building and removing barriers to “yes”. It's a deep dive into data,
reporting, analysis, areas
​for performance and communication process improvement.